The ÚtInfó navigation software developed and commercialized by our twin companies, is actively present on the domestic market since 2001. During the last eight years, it evolved to see a number of releases, among which, the 1.8.5 and 2.3 versions being the most successful ones. These were available as OEM, bundle and “off-the-shelf” products, and additionally, we also developed it into customized (b2b) applications, as well.
For at least one-and-half years now, the software is undergoing considerable development, although longer than predicted, but getting closer to its finish. Besides performing the last graphical and minor functionality changes, we are continually and extensively testing the software, for a number of months by now. Our objective is to bring on the market a new product, which satisfies the needs of the public. Following, we provide a couple of images about the updated outlook and functions of the new ÚtInfó:
We invite you to contact us, regarding any possible marketing and commercialization issue of this product.

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